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The Yankees Are Signing A 16 Year Old Who’s Being Compared To An Alien, God, Mike Trout, And Mickey Mantle

Today is a special day in the history of New York Yankees baseball. Remeber this name from now Jasson Dominguez he’s 16 years old and The Yankees are about to sign him today. His nickname is El Marciano, which translates to The Martian.

Here’s some of the best tidbits from The Jeff Passan article:

In the tight-knit world of baseball in the Dominican Republic, the legend of the kid spread quickly. He was a switch-hitter with world-class speed, an arm nobody would challenge and the body of a man. Someone called him El Marciano, and the nickname stuck. The Martian, it meant. Because there was no way he was from this world.

Well anytime someone is compared to an alien that’s good news.

One general manger who has seen him said, “he’s like [Mike] Trout. And Trout wasn’t close to this good when he was 16.”

Mike Trout is the closest thing to an Alien in baseball and he’s better at 16?! Whoa.

Dominguez has distinguished himself on raw numbers. He regularly reaches upward of 110 mph exit velocities swinging from both sides of the plate. Only 28 major leaguers have hit a ball 110 mph at least 10 times this season. Dominguez, two scouts said, has clocked around 6.3 seconds in the 60-yard dash. That’s faster than Mo Hampton, arguably the best athlete in the MLB draft class of 2019 who decided instead to play cornerback at LSU this year.

He’s faster than LSU CORNERBACKS.

“But,” an international scouting director who tried and failed to sign Dominguez said, “it’s like Mickey Mantle. He’s not 6-foot. He’s a switch-hitter. He’s got crazy power. He’s fast as s—. He loves playing.”

And let’s throw out a Mickey Mantle comparison while we are here too. This guy seems legit. At 16, he’s probably years away from playing in the Majors. But if you are a New York Yankees fan today. Your future got even brighter.

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