Police Releases Body Cam Of Jussie Smollett “Attack” Night; Yeah He’s World’s Biggest Idiot

Alright, most people are already tired of this story. But, shoot. Just when you thought that Jussie Smollett could be just an idiot; you were wrong. He is actually the world’s biggest idiot. How dumb? Well, here’s cam footage released when cops showed up at Jussie’s apartment after the attack.

Yeah, that’s the “rope” still around his neck. No seriously, look at this guy:

Image result for jussie smollett

That’s the face of a liar and idiot. I am so tired of liars. I mean Jussie has rightfully been killed over and over for staging an attack on himself. And I think America was done piling on finally. But nope, not at after this. The dude is just an absolute idiot.

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