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Yeah, Sorry Knicks Fans. You’re Screwed

Well the idea and thought was fun while it lasted. But adding fuel to the fire Andre Iguodla today said that The Knicks and their fans shouldn’t expect anyone in free agency to join this summer. In an interview with CNBC Iguodala said:

“Nobody’s gonna sign with the Knicks, sorry,”

All season long Knick fans had pipe dreams of signing Kevin Durant alongside Kyrie Irving and were hopeful to get Zion Wiliamson in the draft. And if Andre Iguodala is correct in his words they will strike out on all 3 of those things.

Rumors swirled around The NBA today that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have already met this off-season multiple times but the move could be to join The Brooklyn Nets.  We’ll have to wait to see what happens this off-season but man, Knicks fans might just be screwed again.


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