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Dez Bryant Calls Out Molly Qerim Over Lavar Ball Comments

LaVar Ball received a bit of criticism after his comments on ESPN’s First Take where he made what ESPN called inappropriate and then responded by banning LaVar Ball from appearing on the network.

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LaVar however seemed to be unfazed by the controversy or being banned in an interview LaVar said:

“How I’mma be banned and I don’t work for them,” he said in an interview after the controversy. “I’mma be banned from ESPN? I got my own show.”

Ball also said that his comments held “no sexual intent.” When Qerim said she was “switching gears” on First Take, Ball responded, “You can switch gears with me anytime.”

Well now former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is weighing in on the conversation VIA Twitter:

The tweet reads:

“I’m late but I just seen the ESPN video of you and LaVar Ball,” he wrote. “Just being real… You owe that man an apology straight up… I didn’t even sense foul play from him… You dramatically overreacted… Mature women like Doris Burke need those jobs.” The married Qerim joked about calling ESPN’s human resource department before the end of the episode.

I guess at the end of the day it’s a matter of taste. Do you think LaVar Ball’s comments were inappropriate or do you side with Dez Bryant saying that Molly Qerim overreacted.

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