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Gotta Love Little League Parents Getting In A Brawl Over A 13 Year Old Umpire

Well a 13 year old learned the hard way that people aren’t really a fan of umpires who make bad calls. And in Lakewood, Colorado a group of little league parents thought the calls were bad enough by the 13 year old that a all out brawl broke out. Here is a visual representation of what happened before the fight happened:

And then after that all hell broke loose:

ABC – A baseball game between a group of 7-year-old kids degenerated into an all-out brawl with parents throwing haymakers, other cowering for cover and a woman even jumping on someone’s back.

The reason for the brawl: a parent didn’t like the calls being made by a 13-year-old umpire.

The fight began at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb southwest of Denver, on Saturday at about noon as 15 to 20 adults got into a violent tussle, according to Lakewood police.

I mean you can’t make this kind of stuff up. A brawl because parents didn’t like the calls being made my a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD. Gotta, feel for the kid though, he probably went home and his parents asked him how being an umpire was.. and he has to tell them he was so damn bad that the parents got in a brawl. And what’s worse? His parents this morning will turn on the local news and see this. Your kid is so bad at being an umpire that it can cause mass chaos. Awesome.


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