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Drake Tops Off His Ridiculous Title Antics By Having Air Drake Fly Over Raptors Parade

We thought that Drake’s ridiculous attempt to high jack the Toronto Raptors championship and make it all about himself was over. But of course, we were naive. The Championship parade is today and Drake had to get one more time to shine to celebrate his championship. To be quite frank, we’ve found it enjoyable. It’s ridiculous but man it’s entertaining and at the end of day this is entertainment. So today, Drake decided to fly his private jet in circle around the Toronto Raptors parade.

If you haven’t seen Drake’s private plane, well man, I’d be flexing all over my city as well.

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Image result for drake private jet

Image result for drake private jet

Drake got to have some fun at the parade too, by catching beers from fans and chugging them. Overall, Drake has done an excellent job of stealing the show from The Raptors players and at the end of the day, it’s probably the best thing for Drake’s brand.

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