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Kyrie Irving Fire His Agent And Is Probably Heading To Roc Nation

What is better than a Wednesday afternoon Woj Bomb right before game 7 of The Stanley Cup Finals that basically confirms that Kyrie Irving won’t be returning to The Boston Celtics?

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Well, there’s probably a lot of things better than a Wednesday night Woj Bomb, but you got to start your blog post with some type of words. So those are the words I chose. Anyways, this basically tells me that:

  1. Kyrie continues to just be a weird dude.
  2. Kyrie is going to sign with The Brooklyn Nets

As soon as news broke of Kyrie leaving his agent the internet right away assumed Klutch Sports would sign him. And He’d be heading to The Lakers. But he just signed with the agency founded by Jay-Z and Jay-Z owns part of the Brooklyn Nets. Who is everyone’s favorite to sign Kyrie Irving? Oh yeah. Brooklyn. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Kyrie Irving will be on The Brooklyn Nets unless he changes his mind. And Kyrie seems like the type of dude, who will change his mind. Stay tuned.


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