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Two Fans With 3 Pounds Of Bacon Lined Up 69 Hours Early To Watch The Raptors

Well. These two are the definition of super fans or the definition of crazy. After The Raptors won game 5 in Oracle two fans decided to get to “Jurassic Park” early to have a good spot for game 6.

[Source] – Two basketball fans from Cambridge, Ontario began lining up outside the Scotiabank Arena at around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday morning; less than an hour after the Raptors defeated the Warriors to go ahead 3-1 in the NBA Finals.

“It is history in Ontario and Canada and I want to be there to witness it first-hand because it will probably never happen again,” one of the fans, Angie, told CP24.

The two fans have set up a tent to sleep in over the next two nights and also have a cooler filled with food and a butane stove that they plan to cook on during the long wait. They say that they will be using washrooms that have been set up near the lineup area by the team.

“We got three pounds of bacon, a dozen eggs, hot dogs if we really get hungry – those are a last resort, some steaks we picked up from Walmart, a kettle to make coffee and water bottles. We are good to go,” Tyler told CP24.

I mean a pretty funny story to say the least. If you know, myself I hate watching games that I care about in big crowds. I think it’s the worst place to be. I rather be on the couch, by myself and not talking to anyone. But that’s just me. These fans though would be in for a treat because just winning game 4 was a party in The 6 in itself.

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