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Will Alex Rodriguez And J-Lo Make It Down The Aisle?

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are one of the ultimate power couples. While their relationship may look like a fairy tale on the outside, the inside has some issues. Will they actually walk down the aisle? We investigate

Let’s See How They Started

The pair first got together in February 2017, after meeting in New York twelve years earlier. At where else? A Yankees game. They quickly went public with their relationship, just two short months after they began dating.

The Pair Graced The Cover Of Vanity Fair In December 2017

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After less than a year of dating, the A-listers were featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, under the headline “J-Rod.” The pair agreed to a joint interview about their relationship and were christened with a catchy Hollywood nickname? You can’t get more official than that.


It All Looked Perfect But J-Lo Hired A Private Investigator to Spy on A-Rod

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In June 2017, just four months after they began dating, a source told Us Weekly that a wary J-Lo had hired a private investigator to follow A-Rod and see if the rumors about him being a serial cheater were true.


Amazingly, The Spying Didn’t End Or Ruin The Relationship

According to the source, A-Rod found out about the sleuth and they had a huge fight. “But they’re working through it. She’s really into Alex and wants it to work.” Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The Couple Rebounded In A Strong Way

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When the couple celebrated their second anniversary in February 2019, A-Rod posted a heartfelt, gushing love note to his bae. “I can’t believe it’s been two years. Only 730 days, which have flown by, but it feels like we have been together forever.”


Their Anniversary Was An All-Out Instagram Love Fest

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“We are meant to be, and how much you mean to me cannot be put into words,” Rodriguez continued. “From baseball games, to traveling across the world to shows in Vegas. We have done it all together and every moment with you is cherished. Where this road will take us next is unknown but there is no one else I would rather have by my side. The journey is just beginning and I am excited for what’s ahead.”

Well if that’s not a sign of impending doom, I don’t know what is.

J-Lo Posted A Similar Gushy Note

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J-Lo, not to be outdone, also posted a romantic tribute on Instagram. “You make my world a more beautiful safe and stable place… in the midst of our ever-changing, ever-moving life… you make me feel like a teenager starting out all over again…” she wrote.

She Said A-Rod Could Still “Surprise” her. In a positive way

“Every time I think I have you pegged, you surprise me in the most wonderful ways reminding me how blessed I am to have found you now in this moment at this time… our time…Te Amo Macho,” Lopez continued.



Alex Rodriguez Even Called J-Lo His Dream Date Decades Ago

And then there was the adorable old video that surfaced of A-Rod being interviewed for MLB Network’s International Talk. When asked what a dream date for him would be, without blinking he replied, “Jennifer Lopez! Hopefully you can find me a date with her.”

You guys. That was in 1998. 1998! He was only 22. (He’s 44 now). And playing for the Seattle Mariners. And not even famous yet. And he already KNEW. That really melts our cold, skeptical hearts.

Here Comes The Proposal: March 2019

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A-Rod popped the question just a few weeks after their 2nd anniversary, taking to Instagram to post a pic of the insane 15-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring he got his fiancée.

He captioned the sunset pic simply, “she said yes.” Did J-Lo know a proposal was coming? Because her nails look amazing. I guess if you’re J-Lo they always look amazing.

So Everything seems perfect right? Nope!

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Even though they seemed just picture perfect for each other. Trouble began to brew for the celebrity couple shortly after the engagement.

A-Rod Was Accused Of Cheating By One Of His Former Teammates

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Former MLB player Jose Canseco came out with the heavy hitting on March 10, 2019 accusing A-Rod of cheating on J-Lo with his ex-wife Jessica Canseco. Later on that day Canseco fired another aggresive tweet saying:

“Alex Rodriguez stop being a piece of shit stop cheating on Jennifer Lopez”


Maybe The Rumors Aren’t True?

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This fire was put out by Canseco’s ex wife as she came into defense of Alex Rodriguez calling them not true.

Those false accusations Jose is making are not true!” she wrote on Twitter. “I have known Alex for many years and haven’t even seen him for over 5. I certainly did not sleep with him,” she tweeted. “I am friendly with both him and Jennifer. As for Jose he can keep playing with his Alien friends.”


This Is Jose Canseco’s Ex Wife

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She’s very pretty but we got to say, If I am Alex Rodriguez I am not going to risk my relationship with Jennifer Lopez for Jessica.

Then Came Along The Playmate

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A couple weeks after The Canseco allegations came this former playmate (Zoe Gregory) telling The Sun newspaper that A-Rod was sending her racy text messages just a couple of weeks before proposing to J-Lo.


The British Model and Personal Trainer Added Some Details

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He was being like a dirty dog. He seemed like a needy, horny bloke,” Gregory, 44, told The Sun. In addition to asking for “naughty videos” and a threesome, Gregory alleges A-Rod sent her a picture of his…bat.

The newspaper even printed several WhatsApp messages (sans A-Rod’s name or phone number, for the record) including one, referring to a potential threesome that read, “She hot? Fun? How many times have you been with her?”


A-Rod Was Allegdly Sexting With Zoe While With J-Lo

The ex-Playmate alleges the sexting exchange began right after Christmas 2018 (which A-Rod spent with J-Lo and her family) and continued through January 2019, then stopped.


A-Rod’s social media feed portrayed a much more wholesome image.

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During that time, A-Rod kept up a steady Instagram diet of picture perfect couple snapshots showing him and J-Lo cuddling; him getting ready to go golfing with J-Lo’s daughter Emme; Emme with A-Rod’s daughter Ella and, well, you get the gist.


Then Came The Next Allegations With Fitness Model Laruen Hunter

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Who is Lauren Hunter? She’s a 36 year old fitness model who came forward shortly after the engagement to throw A-Rod under the bus.

She claimed that she and A-Rod hooked up from 2011 until May 2017. He was dating J-Lo during May 2017.


Hunter Tried To Extort A-Rod For Over Half A Million Dollars

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Hunter released her story to the National Enquirer, saying A-Rod constantly sexted and FaceTimed her over the six year period. She released some texts to Radar and let’s just say, they are NSFW.

Around the same time her story came out, TMZ reported that one of A-Rod’s former lovers was threatening to release their text exchanges unless she was paid $600,000. Though not confirmed it was Hunter – it was probably Hunter.


Hunter Added That A-Rod Is Really Into His Own Image

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Hug Dealer?

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After first meeting at an Equinox gym in Los Angeles, Hunter also said A-Rod went so far as to profess his love. “Even the first time I was with him, he said, ‘I love you, we should be married! We could be a power couple. What do you think people would think of us, how we’d look together?’ He’s very into his image,” Hunter dished.


What Does J-Lo Have To Say About The Cheating?

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After remaining silent on the repeated cheating rumors since the beginning of their relationship, in April 2019, J-Lo finally responded on an episode of New York’s Power 105.1 radio show “The Breakfast Club.”

“I mean, it doesn’t matter, I know what the truth is,” she said. “I know who (Rodriguez) is. He knows who I am. We’re just happy. We’re not gonna let, like, other people come out and tell us what our relationship is. I know what our relationship is. You know?”


Simply She Isn’t Having It

Lopez gushed about her future husband, saying, “We love each other, we really do. We have a lot of love, respect and admiration for each other and that’s so nice. Also, I’ve never been with somebody who let’s me be the full J-Lo and all of myself … and that makes me really happy.”


On top of the cheating rumors, J-Lo clashed with A-Rod’s Ex Wife. Over Their Kids

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Multiple sources told the New York Post that J-Lo got involved in sensitive child-support negotiations between A-Rod and his ex-wife Cynthis Scurtis, with whom he shares two daughters.


They Even Attended Legal Meditation

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Lopez apparently lobbied for A-Rod to reduce his child support payments from $115,000 a month to $10,000 a month, even attending a legal mediation between Rodriguez and Scurtis in Miami.


A-Rod’s Ex Wife says their post-divorce relationship has taken a “unsettling” Turn Since J-Rod Got Together

“All I can tell you, there’s been a shift, and I’m not sure what to attribute it to,” Cynthia told the Post in November 2018. “Alex has dated some wonderful women since our divorce, many of whom have had positive relationships with our children.”

“Alex and I have worked well trying to create a stable environment for our daughters and there has never been an issue. Until now.” Wow. Strong words from someone who rarely talks to reporters.


A-Rod Does Have A Good Reason For Paying Less In Child Support

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According to TMZ, A-Rod claims that he makes 90% less income than he did when he was a Yankee, his yearly earnings having gone from $30 million to a measly $3 million.

His ex-wife Cynthia also has a new child and fiance, whom A-Rod felt he was supporting through his generous child support payments. Apparently, their financial agreement was always meant to be revised after he retired in 2016. Makes sense.


Sources Say There Is Tension In The Relationship

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Despite all the public proclamations of love, in July 2019 a source close to the couple told Fox News, “Friends have seen them argue frequently.”

“There’s a lot of passion in their relationship,” they continued, “which helps and hurts the pair – especially when their personalities clash because you just know a blowup is about to ensue.”


There Were Weird Comments About Kylie Jenner From A-Rod

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After attending the 2019 Met Gala with J-Lo, A-Rod awkwardly summarized the other people at his table in Sports Illustrated. “The black guy from The Wire — Idris Elba… Some famous singer next to me, I don’t know what her name is…And we had an Asian gentleman from Rich Asians, the lead.”

Things got weirder when he said, “We had Kylie and Kendall (Jenner)…Kylie was talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and how rich she is.”


Kylie Refuted A-Rod’s Tweet In No Uncertain Terms

It didn’t look good when billionaire makeup mogul Kylie Jenner publicly dissed A-Rod’s claim in a tweet, “Umm no i didn’t. We only spoke about Game of Thrones.”

To which A-Rod responded, “OMG that’s right @KylieJenner!! It was me talking about you and your makeup line and how much my girls love you. #GOT #respect #alllove.” Hmm. Like he suddenly remembered after being publicly chastised? Sketchy.


J-Lo Wasn’t Too Thrilled

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Apparently, this gaffe didn’t sit well with Jenny from the Block. “J-Lo was incredibly upset at Alex because she expected him to know better,” a source claimed to Fox News.


So will they or won’t they get married?

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Well it’s hard to tell. But we are rooting for J-Rod to work. The pair seems to genuinely love each other. A-Rod even took 6 months to plan their engagement.

But where there is smoke there usually is fire. And it seems like there has been a lot of smoke around the 14 time All-Star and his cheating habits (hello, steriods).

Do you think Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will end up getting married? Let’s hope it’s a yes for Lopez who has been divorced three times.

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