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Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire: Kawhi Leonard Buys Toronto Home

Is Kawhi going to stay in Toronto? Well who knows. But where there is smoke there is usually fire. According To The Spun:

The Spun– Few things in NBA free agency rumor circles spark more speculation than real estate. It usually goes something like: Player X has bought a house in City Y so he’s obviously signing with Team Z.

The NBA’s upcoming free agency class is a massive one, so there’s already been plenty of speculation fueled by property records.

Kyrie Irving has reportedly purchased a home back in the New York City area, while Kevin Durant is rumored to have relocated his company’s headquarters to the Big Apple.

Now, we have a Kawhi Leonard update.

A Toronto sports radio host said this week that Leonard has reportedly purchased property in Toronto.

“We have heard he’s purchased a property in Toronto,” Michael Landsberg said on Toronto 1050. “We’ve heard this now from two different sources, indicating there’s something there.”

Most of the speculation about Kawhi has been California focused. He reportedly bought a home in the San Diego area last year and most predictions have him signing with the Clippers.

This adds fuel to the fire ( a ton of fire and smoke analogies here) from the report after Game 1 that Kawhi would be considering a short term deal to return to Toronto.

And why is he considering returning to Toronto you ask?

Yup. Hats and stuff. I’d say this would be weird reasoning but I guess if you have ever heard Kawhi Leonard laugh this type of stuff would just make too much sense.



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