Texas Football Celebrates Horribly Low ‘Team Record’ Semester GPA

A double-take was necessary when I first saw this Texas Longhorns Football tweet. I legit thought to myself… “oh I must of read that wrong.” Nope, I didn’t. UT Football is actually celebrating a team GPA that is lower than a B average. I am considering not even being a fan of Texas football after I saw this. Especially given the fact that they haven’t found the success they’re used to on the field recently. Maybe these standards is the reason why:

2.89. Yes that is the highest semester GPA in team history. EVER. IN HISTORY. Texas Football even had the audacity to tweet out this sweet graphic to celebrate what the team has done. If I am a parent seeing this, I want my son to go to a school that might hold the standards a little higher. 1% of these young men make it to the NFL, they need their education at least a little bit.

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I decided to look up Texas Universities standards and acceptance rates and according to PrepScholar, the average high school GPA acceptance average is 3.68 and is considered ‘highly competitive,’ you’ll need a mix of As and Bs… I think I am officially out on Texas football if this is really what we will be celebrating. I am not the only one who agrees:

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