The Houston Rockets Might Be Blowing Their Team Up, So Will CP3 Be A Laker?

Well, The Houston Rockets seem to finally realize what many of us realized and that is they will not win a championship with a core of James Harden and Chris Paul. And according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN they are making all players available.

As Adrian pointed out, it would be hard to for-see a situation where James Harden is moved. But CP3 and his contract seem to be ready to be moved.

There were reports that after being eliminated by The Golden State Warriors in game 6 of the Western Conference semi-finals that James Harden and Chris Paul had a yelling match. So it seems likely that Paul will be gone.

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Paul has a monstrous amount of money due to him in the rest of his contract with it culminating in $44,000,000 player option in the 2021-2022 season (breaking news: he will opt in to the option). It seems like if The Lakers whiff on a few free agents they might be able to pretend to save the post-season by trading for household name like Chris Paul. So if I was to wager, I’d wager that Chris Paul will be a Laker by the beginning of the NBA season.

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