Rumors: Ty Lue Declined Lakers Cause LeBron Could Be Traded For Ben Simmons

Could this be actually true? Well who knows. But rumors are floating around the NBA that there is a possibility ( a slim one ) that LeBron James could be traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to The Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons. And that Ty Lue knew that and he could be waiting for The Philly job. Um What?!

According to the report from NBC Sports:

[NBC] – It’s early in that process. Leonard’s shot just fell through the net. But one Western Conference executive brought up a name that could be a Simmons trade target: LeBron James.

“I think they very well might explore that,” said a rival executive of Philadelphia.

There’s another wrinkle to this: Ty Lue turned down the Lakers job for a reason. He felt he could get a better job elsewhere. He’s holding out for something. Could that job be Philly? 

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Well shoot. Wouldn’t that be something. What a disastrous time in Los Angeles in one year for LeBron that would be. He shows up, gets hurt, tries to trade his whole team for Anthony Davis, doesn’t work, they miss playoffs, Magic Quits, Walton Quits/fired, Ty Lue decides not to take job… then LeBron gets traded. This would be literally the craziest story maybe in NBA history. And LeBron doesn’t have a trade clause in his contract. So the Lakers can technically do whatever they want. However, I’d bet that it doesn’t happen. But anyways, always fun to speculate.

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