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Did Donald Trump Really Cheat At Golf Against A 10 Year Old Kid

Well, sometimes people cheat at golf. Usually it’s simple. You give yourself a stroke or maybe two. I guess somewhat it’s a white lie. But whatever. Disclaimer: I am not sure if this story is entirely true. Actually no one is entirely sure. But this new story from about our POTUS Donald Trump cheating against a 10 year old is just plain weird and not a cool look for Donald.

Here’s how the story goes according to the report:

He (Trump) sees Ted Virtue, who was involved in the financing of the movie Green Book.

I could never get Virtue to call me back on all this, but reported it and I heard it from two members of the club as well. They say Virtue was there playing with his son. Trump sees Ted on the 9th hole and and decides to drive his cart over. He tells Ted: “Congrats on winning the club championship, but you didn’t really win it, because I was out of town.”

Ted tries to laugh it off, but Trump is dead serious. Trump says, “We’re gonna play these last six holes for the championship.” And Ted’s like, “Oh, well, I’m playing with my son, but thanks anyway.” But Trump says, “It’s okay. Your son can play, too.” So what are you going to do? He’s the president. It’s his course. They end up playing.

Apparently, they get to a hole with a big pond in front of the green. Both Ted and his son hit the ball on the green, but Trump hits his in the water. By the time they get to the hole, though, Trump is lining up the son’s ball. Only now it’s his ball and the caddie has switched it.

The son is like, “That’s my ball!” But Trump’s caddie goes, “No, this is the president’s ball; your ball went in the water.” Ted and his son look at each other confused, not sure if this is really happening. Trump makes that putt, and wins one up. Then, according to, he tells Virtue something like, “I’ll tell you what, we’ll be co-champions.”

But the members tell me that when you look at the plaques on Trump’s locker there, it says: “2018 Men’s Club Champion.” No “co-” at all.

Ummm ok Donald. If this is true, that’s a pretty petty move. We’ve seen Trump talk about his golf game on Twitter before:

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But OK here’s thing. I am not going to defend Trump or this report. But, a ton of times we’ve seen fabricated stories about people who are not liked. And Trump isn’t completely liked by the media. So could this story be true? Sure. But could it also be false? Yes. So take this with a grain of salt. But that’s definitely a way you can win at golf. Cheating.

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