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Messi ‘Held Back’ By Airport Security After Squaring Up To Mad Barcelona Fans

It was a disastrous night for Barcelona and Lionel Messi in the Champions League Semi finals as they blew a 0-3 aggregate goal lead to Liverpool to squander the chance to go to the Champions League Finals.

And after the game it seems like Messi was not in the best mood as he was left crying in the locker room and then got into it with fans at the Liverpool airport.

SOURCEThe Argentina international was inconsolable in the Barcelona dressing room following the 4-0 defeat at Anfield, where the Spanish champions were on the receiving end of an incredible comeback in Europe for the second season running, having won the first leg 3-0 at the Camp Nou. Last season in the quarter-finals Barça beat Roma 4-1 at home but collapsed in the away leg to lose 3-0 in Rome and go out on away goals.

Messi was then selected for a drugs test by anti-doping officials and the team coach departed for Liverpool John Lennon Airport without him as a consequence.

And another source said the scene at the airport wasn’t the best for Messi as he arrived at the Liverpool airport:

Source: At the airport’s security checkpoint, a small group of fans are said to have confronted Messi and the player had to be dragged away to avoid a more serious situation.

It was also reported that a separate group of Barcelona fans applauded their hero, coming to the defence of the player despite an awful evening on the pitch.

Not the greatest day in the historic career of Messi. But what can you do. This was a devastating loss. Just surprised that the Barcelona team couldn’t wait for Messi to finish his test before heading to the airport.

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