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Gendry Proposing To Arya Was Beyond Clingy And Creepy

A few weeks ago we say Gendry and Arya both lose their virginity on Game of Thrones. Everyone was going pretty crazy on social media because we’ve seen Arya grow up right before our eyes. Last week, we saw her kill the night king. And Gendry was made into a lord last night. So what did Gendry do? He decided it be a good idea to propse to Arya after the first time he or she have ever hooked up with someone. We have attached the creepy scene below.

Come on man. How creepy is this? Play it cool a bit. How are you really going to propose to her like a moron literally after 1 hook up. Gendry was probably feeling himself since he just became a lord but dude, Arya killed the Night King. She’s REALLY feeling herself. This is just a loser move. Social media had a field day with this scene of course. So here are some of the best tweets we’ve seen talking about how DUMB and CLINGY this is.

What do you all think? Should have Gendry really have proposed this early or do you think he’s jumped the gun and become the most clingy and frankly uncool guy there could possibly be. Will he forever now remain in the friend zone?

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