Stories That Prove Michael Jordan Was Just Insane


Michael Jordan is considered by many the GOAT. And Michael Jordan was also known for being an absolute nut for his competitiveness. Their are many stories about Mike about how crazy he could be on and off the court. Fierce is an understatement. Jordan was always competing. Here are 30 examples of just how legendary of a competitor MJ really was.

1.Drinking Water Competition With Will Smith


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Michael Jordan always was competing. And his friend and famous actor Will Smith once told a story on Jimmy Kimmel about how Michael Jordan would compete in anything including drinking water…. And Will Smith said he never met anyone as competitive as Mike. Jimmy Kimmel and Will Smith had the following exchange:

Smith: “It’s like… a competition. Let me tell you, Mike and Tiger are the two most competitive people I’ve ever met on Earth.…. I love being around people with that kind of competitive energy, but like Michael can compete with anything, though. Like if we’re drinking water, Mike will be like ‘I’ll race you!’… We should just drink our water, Mike.” However, Will Smith said there is on thing that Michael Jordan did not want any competition:

Kimmel: “When you go to dinner with Michael Jordan, is he racing you to pick up the check?”

Smith: “Nah, yeah, he’s not good at that.”

You can watch the whole exchange here:

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