So Reportedly Sean Miller And Arizona Paid A Ton A Month For DeAndre Ayton

Another day, more important or not that shocking information comes out in the college recruiting scandals that seem to keep coming up. Today we have more information about DeAndre Ayton, Sean Miller, and payments to him.

[ESPN] – Federal prosecutors on Wednesday played a recording to the jury of a phone call in which former Arizona assistant Emanuel “Book” Richardson told aspiring agent Christian Dawkins that Wildcats coach Sean Miller was paying star center Deandre Ayton $10,000 per month while he was enrolled there.

Prosecutors played the call, which was intercepted by wiretaps on June 20, 2017, to the jury near the end of their case.

Dawkins and Richardson were discussing how to recruit Ayton as a client to Dawkins’ fledgling sports management company.

Here’s the whole story:

Look whatever. At this point, I am tired of all these stories because really no one clean. I don’t care who it is. Coach K, Roy Williams whoever it is. At the end of the day Sean Miller and Arizona were not bidding against themselves.

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