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Kevin Durant Says James Harden Doesn’t Cheat The Rules.

Everyone is talking about the officials ahead of Game 2 of the Rockets versus Warriors series. As controversy has surrounded the series after Game 1. And one of the reasons everyone is talking about this is because of what people perceive to be James Harden’s “flopping” style of play.  So Kevin Durant, kind of, sort of has James Harden’s back.

Here are some of the main quotes from Kevin Durant:

“I wouldn’t say that he has an advantage,” Durant said after the morning shootaround before Game 2 on Tuesday night. “I think everybody, once they get into the lane, they use little tricks to try to get their shots off. I don’t think he’s any different.

“He may bump guys off going to the rim, but everybody does that. I wouldn’t say that he’s found a way to … cheat the rules. I wouldn’t say that. I just think that he has his style of play. It might not be what everybody likes to see, but it’s been effective. And I don’t think he’s been cheating the game at all.”

You agree with Kevin Durant? Or do you think James Harden ‘cheats’ the game.

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