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Some Dude Bet His Pregnant Wife That If Tiger Won The Master’s They’d Name Their Kid Tiger

We are pretty sure we know the story by now. Tiger Woods won his first Masters since 2005 and his first major victory since 2008. The sports world rejoiced. I rejoiced. Life was good. Life is good. But now for one couple they have a dilemma coming up. Because some dude, bet his wife that if Tiger Woods won The Master’s he would get to name the baby after Tiger.

Trey Little Denise Coleman bet on Tiiger Woods's performance to choose the name of their baby

This is according to the NY Post:

“On hole 18, we realized, ‘Wow, he’s really going to pull this thing off,” Trey Little, 25, tells The Post of Woods’ victory Sunday at the Augusta National.

The Dallas couple was so excited about Woods’ big win, it wasn’t until an hour or so later that they realized they would be having a “baby Tiger,” Trey, a lifelong golf fanatic, says.

“This whole thing started almost as a joke, then it turned into something really real, really quick.”

Trey has been gunning for the name Tiger ever since his wife, Denise, 39, found out she’d be having a boy, due this September: “We both wanted a unique name, and I’ve always been a huge golf fan,” he says.

Now here’s the real question. Does the couple go with the name? Or does the man let his wife choose the name and essentially have a get out of jail free card at his disposal. What would you do?

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