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Soccer Fan Breaks Ankle Celebrating Refuses To Leave Game Until It’s Finished

Ok talk about determination this fan literally broke his ankle during his favorite team’s game (Leeds United). And how did he break his ankle? By celebrating a Jack Harrison goal. According to the source:

Source– “I jumped up, ran down the steps, I missed my step and fell over,” Richardson said. “Next thing I know, I look at my ankle and it’s like falling off.”

“I looked down and I thought: ‘I probably need to go hospital’ but my main priority was to carry on watching the game.” 

With paramedics in attendance, it was recommended that he went straight to hospital. However, being the super fan that he is, Richardson wanted to see out the final 25 minutes. “I called the paramedics over but I made it clear that I was staying to watch the full 90 minutes. I was more interested in the fact Leeds are going to the Premier League!”

Here’s some photos of what it looked like:

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