Warriors Fan Buys Plane Ticket To Fight A Guy Over Boogie Cousins Injury

This is real life. Last night The Golden State Warriors lost center Demarcus Cousins to a tore quad which was an unfortunate injury who was making his first playoff run in his career. To add insult to injury the Warriors blew a 31 point lead to the Los Angeles Clippers and Cousins is expected to miss the rest of the playoffs. While most of Twitter had used this opportunity to make as many 3-1 jokes as possible. Some fan made fun of the Cousins injury. And one Twitter user became so mad at the user that he LITERALLY bought a plane ticket to Houston to go fight the guy.

Two things here. At this rate maybe the Warriors will be playing The Rockets in Houston so he was getting his advanced ticket. But I mean the real tough guy move here would be to buy a plane ticket for the same night or the next day. But 2 weeks in advance. The guy has a ton of time to prepare for his online enemy to find him. Only sports can really get people this enraged.



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