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Canada Bans Full Squad Tackle Football For Kids Under 12

Canada is taking steps to ban tackle football for kids 12 and under because of player safety concerns. According To Yahoo News:

Football Canada, the sanctioning body for American football in the country, has approved a full-squad tackle football ban for kids under 13 starting in 2022. Tackle football participation in the country has dwindled considerably in recent years amidst rising awareness of the impact of head trauma on brain health

Per the New York Times,

The tackle football ban applies to 12-on-12 games (Canadian tackle football as an extra player on the field). Kids from 10-12 years old will still be allowed to play tackle football in 6-on-6 and 9-on-9 leagues. Players 8 and under are currently banned from playing tackle football.

During his speech to the Canadian government Wednesday, Ambrosie also asked for funding for mental health evaluations of all Canadian Football League players.

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Do you think this is the right move by Canada? Should the USA follow suit?

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