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Video: A Live Mic’ed Up Johnny Manziel Insluts Referee In The AAF

Johnny Manziel has had a interesting week with his wife Bre Tiesi splitting up with him, and kind of, sort of, airing out his dirty laundry on Instagram. And on Sunday, Johnny is trying to get his career back together and attempt another comeback to football by playing for the Memphis Express of The AAF.

He opened up earlier this week about the journey to The AAF:


Johnny came in and had a nice run right away:

Well to me that sounds like Johnny is saying he is going to “turip on the ref’s bitch ass”. And of course the announcer says he was talking to one of the defenders. Which makes perfect sense to me because Johnny was always super respectful to all and would never say something like that to a referee.

Here are Manziel’s stats:

After the game Johnny was interviewed and was asked about the fans chanting him name to come into the game:

Can Johnny Manziel make a come back into the NFL?

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