Video: Cristiano Ronaldo With A Hat Trick To Put Juventus In UCL Quarterfinals

Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus take on Atletico Madrid in the 2nd leg of their Champions league round of 16. Juventus entered the game down 0-2 on aggegrate goals needing to win the game 2-0 to move on to extra time or winning 3-0 to defeat Atletico Madrid and move on to the Quarter-Finals of The Champions League. And Cristiano Ronaldo made it happen. With a hat trick to win 3-2 and move Juventus into the Quarterfinals of the Champions League:

Here’s one more angle of the goal that made it 1-0.

This was the only goal of the first half. And sent the teams back to the locker room with Juventus up 1-0 on the match.

Early in the 2nd half ronaldo tied the game for Juventus:

Later in the 2nd half Cristiano slammed through a penalty to give Juventus a 3-0 lead and put Juventus up 3-2 on aggregate.

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