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Video: Michael Jordan Gives Best Answer When Asked About Russ & Harden’s Streaks

During a press conference to kick off All-Star weekend in his teams’s city; Charlotte Hornets owner and legend Michael Jordan handled the media like you’d expect him to. Jordan was asked which was harder to do from a players perspective between James Harden’s 30 straight 30 point game streak or Russel Westbrook’s streak of 10 consecutive triple doubles. His answer is a huge reminder of why Mike is the GOAT:

Mike simply stated:

“??Six Championships, by all means.”

He recognized both players for the impressive achievements, noting that both streaks are hard to accomplish. Jordan even went on to praise the two players by stating it shows “the talent that we have within the league.” But this response is vintage MJ. In honor of that response here’s a video of some of Jordan’s most impressive finish’s around the rim:

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