Video: Drew Brees Pregame Speech Before The Eagles Game Was Epic

Watching Drew Brees week in and week out in his career has been absolutely amazing to say the least. And as we are watching the playoffs Brees is attempting to take the New Orleans Saints back to the promise land which is the team’s 2nd Super Bowl. One thing Brees has been known for his is awesome speeches in the pregame. Before taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Divisional Round this past weekend, the Saints quarterback gave a fiery speech to his teammates that will make the hairs on your arm stand up.

“There are three stages to this game: You play, you compete, and (you’re) lethal). You play because you love this game, you love the game of football. Then you start learning the fundamentals. You start learning technique. You start learning how to compete and how to win. Now, the third stage? Not everybody gets to the first stage. Not everybody gets to be lethal. But when you get a group of guys, a team like this, that loves one another, that plays for one another, that’s lethal.”


Who’s ready to run through a wall now? The Saints went on to beat the Eagles in the game 20-14 to win cement a trip to the NFC championship game.

This isn’t the first or last pregame speech from the future hall of famer, Drew Brees has been known as having not just one of the best QB career’s in the history of the NFL but also known for having one of the best pregame speeches on a weekly basis:

Brees turned 40 on Tuesday and is looking for his 2nd super bowl title as a New Orleans Saint:

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