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This Is Cody Parkey’s Wife, So You Shouldn’t Feel Bad For Him Anymore

Here at SONT (Sports ON Tap) we try to provide the best sports culture. And part of sports culture for a lot of people is not only just analysis on all the major sports but also girls who look great. So each and everyday we showcase girls from around the world that look amazing.

Today we are doing something a little different: A way for you to not feel so bad for Cody Parky anymore!

Cody Parkey became a household name after the Wild Card game between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles.

As we all know, he hit that ball off the upright and then the crossbar as it fell to the ground on a 43-yard field goal. That sent Soldier Field into a frenzy as Bears fans booed him off the field.

The NFL would later come in and change the missed field goal to a blocked field goal.

Parkey claimed he was fine after the game, cause he was going to go home to his wife and dog… and here’s why he was fine:


You can find more at her instagram as well.

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