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White Ref Forces Black Student To Either Cut His Dreads or Forfeit (VIDEO)


A sad moment in high school sports…

A wrestler at Buena High School was today by a referee to cut off his dreadlocks or he would have to forfeit his his match during a dual meet on Thursday night against Oakcrest. The story was reported by  SNJ Today News.

According to SNJ Today News, this referee has been known to have some racist behavior in the past, but there has not been any action taken to get him away from officiating… or at least from high school sports.

Andrew Johnson elected to cut his hair, prompting what appears to be an
athletic trainer to shear off his dreadlocks with scissors on the mat.

It was beyond embarrassing.

Maloney told Johnson his hair cover was not sufficient and gave him 2 choices — chop off the locks or lose the match.

Johnson reluctantly chose the haircut — but you can see he’s visibly upset.

Now, it’s been revealed the ref has a history of racist behavior — using a racial slur toward a black man during a social gathering in 2016 … and getting his ass kicked in the process.

The offended party (an African American man) was so pissed, he slammed Maloney to the ground following the slur.

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