LeBron James Tells Dwyane Wade ‘It Was Here or the Garden’ After Last Matchup

One. Last. Dance. Dwyane Wade is going through his farewell tour for his last year in the NBA. He is doing it the right way this year by ending his career with the Miami Heat, the way it should be.

Last night, Dwyane Wade was playing one of his most important farewell games, against his best friend and ex-teammate, LeBron James.

At the Staples Center in LA, with LeBron now rocking the Purple & Gold Los Angeles Lakers jerseys.

Well, we all know they are best friends and after LeBron lead the Lakers to the victory he said something to Wade that had the world shook.

“It was either here or the Garden”

For those you don’t know he was referring to Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks.

Later, LeBron clarified (or covered this up) by saying he just meant it would an “iconic” venue…

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