(VIDEO) College Player Just Elbows & Knocks Out Player For No Reason

Tuesday: The Fitchburg State men’s basketball team was playing a non-conference game against Bison of Nichols College.  This should have been a standard game, instead, it had become a big internet story.

Bison player was set up in the corner for a wide open three, when randomly, the star of Fitchburg, Kewan Platt came in a clotheslines and elbows him straight to the ground. One of the direst basketball plays we have ever seen…

Get this, Kewan Platt is currently averaging 24 points, 12.5 boards and 1.5 assists per game. He was just selected as the MASCAC (Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference) Men’s Player of the Week.

The school has yet to speak out on the incident.

There is something even more ironic about this story… He is majoring in criminal justice… Good luck with this case.

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