Video: Uber Drive Releases Dash Cam Of Ottawa Senator Players Talking Smack About Their Coaching Staff

This is utterly outrageous. And should be illegal. A Uber driver has released a dash cam of a few Ottawa Senator players talking some mad smack while taking a uber. I mean you can hear it all below:

I mean technically, this should be illegal. And this Uber drive is a piece of shit. He would get 0 stars from me for pulling this type of move. I mean how many times have you spoken about someone, or been on the phone, or done something you wouldn’t want public in a taxi or Uber? I bet more then once. This should be a safe zone. Anyways, Ottawa Senators shouldn’t be that upset they are having a good year and are 6th in the East. At the end of the day, who hasn’t talked a bit about a coach when frustrated.

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