(Video) Unseen Footage Of McGregor vs Khabib Post Fight Melee

Last Saturday night there was a huge conformation after the biggest UFC fight of the year between McGregor vs Khabib. And we have all seen the videos. Today the Nevada Athletic Commission decided to temporarily suspend both fighters:

Then shortly after that news came out, unseen footage of the post fight melee surfaced on the internet and it looks pretty crazy:

Then a twitter user provided some more footage which shows Conor might have been trying to climb into the stands as well:

If you missed the original post fight videos here are some more obtained directly after the fight:




Yikes, just an overall weird and ugly situation. If you remember last year McGregor went after Khabib’s camp in a tunnel and tried to throw things at his bus, and then a few days before the fight this press conference really got Khabib upset and was part of the reason he decided to jump into the stands:

Do you think both of these fighters will be suspended?

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