(Video) Yankees And Red Sox Fans Go At It At A Bar

The Yankees and the R?ed Sox have not met in the playoffs since the year 2004 but you wouldn’t know it by some of the way fans are acting  so far in the ALDS. After this video that unfortunately shown up,  shows that the rivalry is officially back and bitter then it ever was.

??The guy in the Boston Red Sox jersey goes crazy and throws a combo of chairs and haymakers before he is promptly kicked out.


Look how quickly the bar ended up looking like a mess:


What started this all? Man, just seeing the other fanbase in the area ought to be enough.

Nonetheless, The ?Red Sox were able to get the last laugh last night as they ?dismantled the Yankees 16-1 in one of the worst playoff performances I’ve ever seen. If the Boston fan doesn’t feel like he landed enough punches in this fight, the team he supports certainly did the trick.

There is slight hope for the Yankees in game 4 with CC Sabathia making the start.

Now it’s do or die tonight for the Yankees as they look avoid elimination in this monumental Game 4. It’s CC Sabathia vs. Rick Porcello in what will surely be must-watch television.


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