Yankees Fan Chucks Full Beer & Cup At A’s Fan During Wild Card Game

Last night was a big night in New York. It was time to celebrate.

The New York Yankees defeat the Oakland A’s in a one-game playoff, which leads to what baseball purists can only wish for.

The first playoff series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees since 2004.

Does it get better than this?

While it’s an exciting time in NY for Yanks fans, there are still somethings you shouldn’t do no matter the circumstances. We all love to trash talk and hate on other teams, but to actually be rude to opposing fans, just because, well, there a fan of a different… thats not cool.

A lot of the stadium was throwing beers and food in the air out of celebration but one fan decided to direct a throw of a beer and then the cup afterwords at someone in an A’s jersey.

Targeting a single fan on purpose might be too much… Thoughts?

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