This Video Shows What It’s Like To Be The Only Raven Fan In The Browns Crowd

One of the bravest or stupidest things you can do as a sports fan is decide to go into enemy territory wearing your own team’s colors. What’s even dumber? Being obnoxious about it. That’s what this Raven fan did and he did this in the infamous “Dawg Pound”:

Image result for dawg pound cleveland

For those not too familiar with the history of the Browns or Ravens franchise. The Baltimore Ravens moved to Baltimore from Cleveland in 1996 before Cleveland got The Browns back as a expansion franchise in 1999. Which makes the hatred Cleveland Browns fans have for The Baltimore Ravens even more extreme then for other teams.

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So this Ravens fan was gutsy as you can see in the video fans were not too happy him with him:


Gutsy dude, gutsy. The Ravens visit The Browns this Sunday. We wonder if he will be back for more.

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