Parents Outraged After High School Player Punches And Slams Opponent To The Ground

Videos of an attack by a University High School freshman football player (Texas) on a opposing player from a rival  ended up with a concussion have gone viral.

This happened on Sept. 13 as University hosted the freshman team from Burleson, Texas.

The videos show the University player throwing the Burleson player to the ground and pounding his head against the playing surface multiple times.

The player’s mom posted the videos on her Facebook page.

In the post she said her son has missed three games because of a concussion he suffered during the game.

The University player was ejected from the game and then according to University Interscholastic League policy, was suspended for one half of the next game. And that’s where the outrage really comes in. The AD Waco said about the punishment:

“We hold our student athletes to the highest standards here and we don’t condone any irresponsible or bad behavior,” Johnny Tusa said Wednesday.

Later the suspension was changed to 1.5 games however the mother and parents still are not happy:

“That’s unacceptable. The kids should not be playing. He should not be on the field, and I strongly believe that,” his mother said.


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