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The Sad Reality of the NFL Exposed in Everson Griffen Situation

The Minnesota Vikings star defensive end, Everson Griffen, and his agents was informed by the team that he would not allowed back with the team until he underwent a mental health evaluation, according to a police incident report obtained by ESPN’s Courtney Cronin.

Police reports state that Griffen had been “explosive, screaming and yelling” at the team facility and that he had been struggling in recent weeks.

Griffen, a husband and a father of 3 young children had reports of also threating to shoot someone at team hotel when not allowed into his room, along with some reports stating he tried to break into a teammates house this week.

While he was not found with any weapons, or charged with anything, the team wants Griffen to “get his head straight” before returning to the team.

Sami Jarjour, @JarjourSami on TwitterYouTube & Instagram explains why this is the said reality that the NFL needs to make some serious change.

Hopefully things will get clear up soon and Everson Griffen will be back healthy with his family and his team.


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