Friday 5’s! The Greatest College & NFL Picks In The World

We finally had a winning week last week in our Friday five’s last week! So far this year myself (George Jarjour follow me on Twitter. ), has been somewhat of a tougher year then usual. Last year, we were on damn fire, this year we have been a dumpster fire. Literally, a DUMPSTER FIRE.

However, this is the weekend that all changes. We have done our homework, and we are ready just throw hundred dollar bills your way.  So if you don’t want to win all your bets just close the browser. If you want to win, watch the video and read the picks!


  Image result for lane kiffin fau   

FAU +13.5 @ UCF

Take your damn fake ass national championship UCF and shove it up your ass. FAU not only covers, but shuts up UCF and wins the game.

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Purdue +7 vs. Boston College

I like Jeff Brohm. You should like him too. Bet on Purdue to get their first win.

Image result for university of miami girls

Miami -26.5 vs FIU 

Both schools have really good looking girls. However, THE U has better football. Take The Hurricans -26.5

Image result for drew lock

Missouri +14.5 vs Georgia

Drew Lock is awesome. Georgia is better, Georgia wins, Missouri Covers

Image result for vanderbilt football

Vanderbilt +2.5 vs. South Carolina

Vanderbilt is smart. Be smart. Bet Vandy.

College Record (5-10)


Image result for andrew luck

Colts +7 @ Eagles

You’ll be smiling like Andrew Luck after this win.

Image result for matt ryan

Falcons -3 vs Saints

Take the Falcons. Don’t ask questions. 

Image result for deshaun watson getting sacked

Giants +6.5 @ Texans 

Get used to seeing A LOT of Deshaun Watson on the ground this season. Houston can’t block anyone. Take The Giants.

Image result for cam newton

Panthers -3 vs. Bengals

After you win big on this bet, go get yourself a fedora like Cams. 

Image result for philip rivers

Chargers 7.5 @ Rams

The battle of LA. Rams win, Chargers cover. 

NFL Record (5-5)

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