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Kevin Love Basically Tells Katie Nolan He’s Down On LIVE TV (VIDEO)

Kevin Love is now the man in Cleveland with LeBron James’ departure… The Cavalier is sure acting like it now!

Love signed a 4-year, $120M extension with the Cavaliers, and now he is taking his TV tour. Recently he was on Always Late w/ Katie Nolan on the new ESPN+ app. The segment was called Loveline. Fans get to ask Katie & her guest questions about their love lives.

The main question we are highlight here is asking Kevin Love if he was sliding into people’s DMs and what emojis would be brought up. He tried to answer this question in the politically correct way, but Katie let out the real answers.

Katie threw out the emoji we all know used for trying to get it on… The eggplant.


Kevin Love had the most savage answer of all time of LIVE shows. Yes LIVE.

“I’m sure you get the real eggplant every once in a while, too.”

Listen In:


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