This Video Shows Creepy Ghost Walking Calmly Through Hurricane Florence

Hurricanes can be stressful enough. Now the residents of Pawley’s Island have more worries when there is absolutely terrifying footage of what appears to be a ghost walking through the hurricane. And YouTuber’s GhostGuysGo got this absolutely terrifying image.

Now there is a story behind this particular ghost. His name is  ‘Gray Man Ghost of Pawleys Island, and according to local folklore:

Legend has it that the Gray Man is the ghost of a sailor who was travelling back to Pawleys Island to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

However, in a cruel twist of fate the storm threw his horse into quicksand, where he and his animal died before he could propose.

The woman later came across his ghost, who warned her to leave the island and when she left and then returned, she discovered her family’s house was still intact. Sightings of the ghost have been chronicled in TV shows since as early as 1956.

So this is up to you to believe or not to believe, but what do you think?

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