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Never Forget When A Pelicans Fan Hilariously Snuck Onto The Court And Warmed Up With The Team

We have seen our fair share of idiots who rush the court or field at sporting events… Unsurprisingly, that always results in getting chased down, tackled, kicked out, and usually jail time.

Yet, one fan still wanted to do it. This time though, a New Orleans Pelicans fan had was lightyears ahead of us all with his thought process.

This man decided to “rush” the court in a much smarter fashion, I swear his mind is living in 2050…

Suit up as a player, calmly walk onto the court, and begin to warm up with an NBA team.

Unfortunately, when the cop saw this mans broken jumper, he realized there is no way this man is an NBA player.

Best question here is, what ball boy just threw this man a pass.

[wpvideo gKKFEBXS]

Good for you, sir, and for the cop letting my man sit back down after this masterful plan.

Better than this happening…


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