Baseball Dad Steals Son’s Bat, Pushes Ump And Forces Kid To Pitch To Him

We’ve seen little league parents go too far before in the past. We’ve seen ump, players and more go to far. Rarely do we see a dad who had enough of his son playing bad so he decided to take matters in how own hand (literally).

This baseball dad had enough of his son stinking up the game and decided to run on the field. Take the bat from his son, push the ump down and force the opposing pitcher to pitch him  the ball to show his kid “how it’s done”. The asshole then proceeded to round the bases while literally trash talking both teams basically. This dad is the best, and sometimes nothing can get a kid going other then embarrassing parents. So maybe this was just the push he needed. Take a look for yourself below:


[wpvideo 5xydOpoo]

What do you think? Good move or bad move by the parent?


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