This Fight Between Softball Parents Was Absolute Chaos

Brickyard Park in Kingsport, Tenn., a 12-and-under USA Softball tournament had devolved into chaos. This video which was filmed back in June showcases the absolutely absurdity that parents can have in their youth sports. It was an absolute mess.

According officials, some of the red-shirts got it into their heads that the umpire was being too friendly to Blue Ridge.

“I think one of the parents popped off,” USA Softball membership director John Miller told The Washington Post in a story that the Washington Post reported.

As the video began, a red-shirt and blue-shirt were fighting on the knoll. The men pushed and shoved each other, until the red-shirt gained the upper hand and flung the other to the bottom of the hill. You can see what happens next.


What a horrible example for kids and just a shame that the parents made it about themselves.

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