This Yoga Girl Is Absolutely Amazing!


Here at SONT (Sports on Tap) we try to provide the best sports culture. And part of sports culture for a lot of people is not only just analysis on all the major sports but also girls who look great. So each and everyday we showcase girls from around the world that look amazing.

Today we meet Sarah who is a stunning model, fitness teacher and a yoga enthusiastic girl! She’s gorgeous! To follow her on IG scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Today, try to observe every doubt and insecurity that enters your mind. Don’t judge it, just sit, listen and let it pass. ?The thing about being human is we often always want more, want better, want what we don’t have. We see all these images daily showing us how we should be living our life, things we should be consuming, things we need, how the perfect relationship is supposed to be, etc… ?And all this chaotic noise leaves us feeling anxious, insecure, not enough and always wanting something else. ?But just for today, try settling with how your life is. Appreciate the little things because I promise if you keep searching for happiness through something you don’t have or something you’re not already, you’ll never find it, and you’ll never feel it. You must first be content with who you are and where you are. ?Happiness is part of the journey, not the destination ? #staywildmoonchild

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