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Charles Oakley Was Arrested At A Vegas Casino For Trying To Take Back A $100 Chip He Was About To Lose

Former NBA Power Forward and known enforcer Charles Oakley was arrested Sunday in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan hotel after being caught on camera cheating inside the casino.


On Thursday, TMZ Sports reported Oakley tried to remove a $100 chip from a wager after realizing he was going to lose. According to TMZ:

Officials from the Nevada Gaming Board tell us Oakley “was suspected of adding to or reducing his wager on a gambling game after the outcome was known.”

If actually convicted he could face time in prison TMZ said:

Oak was confronted about the incident — and it was kicked over to a security team which reviewed the casino video footage … confirming the alleged cheating. The 54-year-old was taken into custody at 5:30 PM and booked into Clark County Detention Center. Oak’s gambling charge is serious business — “to commit or attempt to commit a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment.” He faces between 1 to 6 years in prison if convicted. A source close to Oakley tells us, “This is an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved.”

A source close to Oakley, who is the head coach of the Killer 3’s in the BIG3 basketball league, told TMZ it’s “an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved.”

He faces one-to-six years in prison if convicted in the case, according to the report.

The incident came two days after Oakley coached the Killer 3’s in a 51-49 loss to the 3 Headed Monsters at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

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