Ex-NFL Player Brandon Browner Arrested on Kidnapping, More Charges After Chase

Former NFL defensive back Brandon Browner was arrested Sunday on a number of charges that include kidnapping, false imprisonment and burglary.

Joe Studley and Shahan Ahmed of NBC Los Angeles reported the news, noting Browner allegedly broke into the home of someone he had a previous relationship with, stole a Rolex watch worth $20,000 and physically forced the victim into the house when she tried to leave.

He also allegedly threatened to kill her and ultimately fled the scene before police arrived.

Studley and Ahmed noted Browner “had previously been arrested for domestic violence and was restrained from the victim.”

The Oregon State product appeared in games for the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints from 2011 through 2015. He won Super Bowls with the Seahawks and Patriots, was named to the Pro Bowl in 2011 and played in the CFL during his professional career.

This comes after Brady Henderson of reported in September 2017 that Browner was arrested on felony suspicion of criminal threats.

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