Boogie Cousins Unfollows Pelicans On Instagram

DeMarcus Cousins who can be unpredictable, moody and outright immature at times is now in a weird predicament. He tore his Achilles tendon during the season with the Pelicans and this summer Boogie hits free agency while recovering from this injury. So does he take a team friendly deal? Does he get greedy? We are not sure. But what we do know is he unfollowed the New Orleans Pelicans on Instagram. And when asked why he unfollowed the Pelicans… Boogie simply answered “cause I’m grown”.



He proceeded to answer the fan:


He then immediately followed MAYBE future Los Angeles Laker Paul George, and Laker Julius Randle on Instagram as of course Redditors noticed. Boogie just be doing Boogie things.


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