Reddit User Has Been in Thai Jail for 4 Years, Asks NBA News

Imagine missing out on four years of sports and the NBA while behind prison bars. You’d probably have a lot of questions about your favorite players or teams. 

One Reddit user went viral by asking such questions on Wednesday. Claiming He was locked in up in jail in Thailand for 4 years.

BreezyBlue, who last appeared on the website four years ago, shared the following Wednesday afternoon: “Just got out of jail recently and I’m trying to catch back up with the NBA. [Stephen] Curry seemed to have an amazing season in 2015-16. His stats look amazing and I saw some highlight videos on YouTube as well. 73 wins is freaking insane.” 

The individual also commented on the Cleveland Cavaliers featuring both LeBron James and Kevin Love in the team’s starting lineup. 

BreezyBlue claims to have spent time in a Thailand prison camp but would not explain how he or she ended up in that predicament. 

While there’s no way to fully verify this story, anybody who received little or no information about the sports world over the past four years would’ve missed a lot. 

Leicester City became the most unlikely champions in Premier League history, the Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series, the previously mentioned James returned to the Cavs, and the Philadelphia Eagles brought a Super Bowl title to the City of Brotherly Love. 

The internet remains the best. Here is the full thread if you are interested in reading it.

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