Corruption Case Could Destroy College Basketball As We Know It

The ongoing criminal cases into college basketball corruption have revealed massive, sweeping violations across a vast majority of the sport. Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel reported on Thursday. This investigation dates back to  September, when many colleges were implicated while the FBI made double-digit arrests.

Thamel said, “the breadth of potential NCAA rules violations uncovered is wide enough to fundamentally and indelibly alter the sport of college basketball.”

There are three ongoing criminal investigations, and the results of those investigations are poised to radically impact and alter the sport. The story says:

  • Up to 50 college basketball programs could be compromised due to this investigation
  • The NCAA announced the current top 16 teams for the tournament last weekend, and “almost half” have been tied to these investigations, per one of the story’s sources
  • That means that the NCAA might be forced to vacate the winner of this year’s tournament, an almost unprecedented move, when the investigation’s findings are made public
  • The investigations are time bombs that will affect “every major conference, Hall of Fame coaches, a score of current top players and some of the nation’s most distinguished and respected programs,” Thamel writes.

In other words, college basketball is fucked.

News has slowly trickled out about the corruption investigations, but this is a bombshell report that should put the entire sport on edge. Sure, March Madness will come next month like it always does, but it increasingly looks like it may be a last hurrah for the sport as we know it before a massive shakeup begins.

This in a nutshell is what is going on:

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